Hello my lovelies! So sorry that I haven't posted in a while, this past week or so has been manic, but in a good way. February is always my favourite month (but that's pretty bias) just because it's my birthday, it's valentines day, and of course - it's pancake day! I thought I would share with you a few things that I've been up to, just because I've had the best week....

Starting off with the most loved up date in the yearly calendar - Valentines Day! Whether you're single or not, It's just a perfect day to show how much you love and care for someone - be it your mum, boyfriend or pet dog! I wanted to keep it quite low key this year, so we went to the seaside for the day at Tynemouth (in the North-East). We then had some delicious icecream shakes at the cutest tiniest cafe which was inside an old church building, looked very '60s. Afterwards, we made our own pizzas at home, and went for a couple of drinks at the beautiful Botanist bar in Newcastle. If you haven't been already, you must! The layout and interiors are absolutely breath-taking. 

I started off the day right on pancake day - which happened to fall on my birthday! I went to a small cafe in Jesmond (Newcastle) and had these yummy pancakes with chocolate sauce and icecream. Mm, it's just making my mouth water thinking about it! 

Then, on the 17th of February It was my 20th Birthday - still feels strange to think I'm finally a 'proper adult' aha! During the day I went on a full-on shopping trip with one of my best friends at Uni, (think YSL treats and more milkshakes - oops!) and then later on I went for a gorgeous meal at Babucho's in Newcastle (I will go back with my camera to do a review!) I'd highly reccommend the place. Then, of course, birthday's mean one thing when you're a student - a big night out with all of your friends!

Have you ever been to Tynemouth, Babucho's or Newcastle?
What's your favourite place?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo



  1. Happy belated birthday! I live a short train journey from Newcastle so I visit my friends there a lot! Definitely want to try that cafe in Desmond :)

  2. Hope you had a nice birthday! I'm going to the Botanist next weekend, excited to see it (sad). Shame it wasn't too sunny for Jesmond though x

    Through New Eyes x