This upcoming spring season is all about camel colours and the classic dash of stripes, which I've incorporated both together into this outfit. I felt like going on a leisurely walk around Jesmond Dene Park (which if you're based in Newcastle, you'll know where I'm talking about!). It's a beautiful huge foresty park, which is perfect to go on quiet walks. I decided to take my camera with me today, to grab some outfit shots....

I love this time of year. It's not quite spring, but it's not really that 'wintery' anymore either. There's just something about that transitional period, when everyone's got past the 'January blues' and the world is feeling all loved up again with Valentines Day just floating around the corner. Wow, I'm getting a tad soppy. Let's take it back a notch!

What was I saying? Oh, the transitional period. It's always an awkward time for fashion enthusiasts, is it too cold to wear a thinner coat? Can I finally just leave my fluffy jumper at home? Them few degrees make a whole lot of difference, and I must say, It certainly feels good to wear my Spring mac coat again!

The accessories pictured above can easily be styled up or down for a casual or classy look. The colour block clutch with the gold plate is from New Look (sadly no longer available) my gold rings are from Primark, and the gold watch was a present from a brand called Invicta. 

My hat is a new addition to my accessories collection, and probably my most favouite item to date. This camel/beige coloured floppy fedora hat is from Warehouse, at the reasonable price of £25, which you can see here. I've been looking for the perfect hat this colour for absolutely ages, but they either didn't seem to fit my head properly, or the colour was too much of a murky brown colour. That is, until Warehouse saved the day.

My cute little teddy bear mitten gloves are from Primark, which were in the sale for just £1.00!

My black and white stripy off the shoulder 'bardot' top is from River Island, however this is old season, but I did manage to find similar here and here.

I must of worn this black midi-drape cardigan to death already, and I only bought it about a month ago! This wardrobe staple is from River Island for £25, which you can see here.

Obviously I find it far too difficult to stay serious in photos haha!

My boots are from Zara, which were in the sale on boxing day for around £39, unfortunately they are no longer available, but you can find plenty of similar ones in high-street stores.


L'oreal True Match Foundation -  Rose Ivory
Eyebrows - HD Brows in 'Foxy'
Mascara - Max Factor
Eyeshadow - Urban Decay, Naked 2

I've been asked so many times where I've got my mac coat from, it is from River Island (god half of my wardrobe must be from that shop!) and is sadly no longer available as it's old season, however I did find similar for you guys here. My jeans are also from River Island, they are the molly ones for £40, which you can see here.

What do you think to this outfit?
Would you wear any parts of it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,

Hannah xoxo

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  1. Love everything about this outfit, I love camel at the moment and the stripes look so good with it! These are lovely pictures, I love jesmond dene although haven't been there for ages as I moved a bit further down the country!

    Amy x

  2. I love your outfit!! That coat is especial gorgeous.


    Love Sarah xxx

  3. Your black cardigan is my fave! Okay, that's a bit biased because I love the color black, but still! <3

    Life With Antlers

  4. You look stunning! I'm obsessed with the combination of camel and stripes!