As promised, here is my post from my short & sweet trip away to Dublin, Ireland. I had the best time, Uni work is starting to get stressful as deadlines approach, but I've been working non-stop and really just needed that little break away from everything, because sometimes, we all need to escape. After an early 5am start, I couldn't wait to jump in the taxi to the Airport, I'm just one of those people that get that holiday feeling and can't wait to go. Find out what I got up to on my travels... (warning: picture heavy post!)

The lovely hotel I stayed at called The Dublin Skylon Hotel (from the Best Western franchise) - the staff here were so welcoming and friendly, and you can see for yourself how nice the room was....

We got upgraded to a king size which is always a bonus!

Dublin's so beautiful....

A quick stop off for some delicious icecream....

Around every corner there was a gem to be seen, just look at that wall art! Transforming just an normal dull-grey apartment block into something beautiful....

After a spot of shopping and exploring the city centre, we hopped on a rickety old bus (the transportation isn't too great) to Dublin Zoo - well worth the visit! I don't think I've ever seen such animals up and close, from ferocious lions to hilarious orangutans, it truly is a great day out....

Being a big kid - obviously!

How cute is that baby elephant!

Spotted a real-life sloth. My life is complete.

We then went for tea at Hard Rock cafe, which is a must to visit a Hard Rock when in any capital city - however I found the Dublin one rather disappointing. The staff were rude, the food was bland and the service charge was ridiculous - definitely put me off going there again. However we soon cheered up as we then went to go see Royal Blood at the Olympia Theatre - they unfortunately wouldn't allow me to take any photos there, but they were well and truly amazing live, definitely deserved the 'Best British Group' 2015 Brit Award!

The next day we decided to visit Dublin's landmarks by seeing the castle, gardens, and of course, The National Leprechaun Musuem. What else?! Here's a totally-ready picture of me in the 'giants room' - you wouldn't believe how difficult it was to climb up on that chair haha!

Had to obviously take a selfie with their pride & joy leprechaun!

We took a stroll in the huge park that's in the city centre, it was so tranquil and beautiful, if there wasn't the odd traffic noise you wouldn't' have thought that you were in the City at all....

After a lovely day of strolling around and having a laugh, we then went to dinner a The College Green Bank, which was an absolute delight from start to finish. The service was on point, the building was amazing, and the food was on a whole other level of greatness. It's definitely one to visit, it was by far one of my favourite places that we went to in Dublin....

I opted for nothing too fancy, but it certainly does look like the fanciest fish & chips ever! It tasted absolutely divine....

Then to finish off the night in true Irish style, we went to a couple of bars and classic pubs to drink guinness and truly immerse ourselves in the friendly atmosphere. I really loved The Temple Bar - It's quite well known to be touristy, but I still thought that it felt super local and fun, with bands playing and hidden corners that could sit with your drink chatting away.

Have you ever been to Dublin / Ireland?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo

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  1. I love the Ulysses mural in Temple Bar! xx

  2. I do live in Dublin part of the year, and right now I am not there, just in the second semester, so seeing your amazing pictures makes me feel homesick :) But at the same time, very happy, for seeing Dublin again! Thank you for that! Amazing post and pictures, you did so much in Dublin! Great trip, well done!

  3. I really love Dublin, been there loads of times. I was actually there the last weekend in February and I also visited the Leprechaun museum, had a great laugh. You gave me an excellent idea for my next visit, Dublin Zoo, looks great :)

  4. Dublin is one of my favourite cities to visit - and your photos brought back so many memories for me!! Can't wait to go again :)

    Rachel |

  5. I love Dublin! Such a beautiful city! <3

  6. Looks like you had a great time, Iv been to the college green bank many times its so nice. I also love going to the zoo its a great day out :)

  7. Wow! What beautiful photos and experience. Thanks for sharing! xx