If you didn't know already from my Twitter spamming and Instagram posts, I took a quick and & sweet trip to Ireland to go see Royal Blood (amazing) and delve into Irish culture (watch out for that post in a few days!) So in the meantime, I thought I would show you guys what I wore on the first day. I wanted to be mindful with what I packed and what I wore because of the short time that I had there. Always go by the 3 main rules - Comfort, Quality and Style. You can't go with a coat that looks good but it's paper thin and barely fulfills its purporse, or wear a pair of shoes that absolutely kill your feet just to appear stylish - even if they are of good quality, sometimes that doesn't mean that they're suited to you. Anyway, here's what I put together.....

Crazy hair going on there! Blame the ultimate downpour that had to happen before these sunny photos took place! My bag was kindly sent to me by House of Fraser which is actually from Dorothy Perkins, which you can see here for just £20.00. I absolutely love this small landscape tote bag, it's the perfect fit for my camera, purse, makeup and hairbrush without looking too bulky, or feeling like it's going to collapse over the weight! I always seem to own too many dark things, so I chose the brown colour to ease me into that awkward winter/spring transitional period. You can see a whole range of their fabulous handbags here.

 I opted for my loose-fit black/white stripe tunic from River Island (see here)which has the 'Paris is Always a Good Idea' slogan written across it. I may not be in Paris exactly, but oh well! My all-time favourite coat is from Karen Millen, but is unfortunately no longer available.

My plain black Molly jeggings (that really don't look like jeggings) are the most comfortable things that I own -a pure wardrobe staple - and they look good too! Bonus. You can see them here for £40 - well worth the money I assure you. They have lasted me forever, and pretty much go with anything and everything. Also, these particular jeggings have this special '4 way stretch' fabric, which make your legs look much better than they actually are, I personally feel super confident in them.

My long black boots are from Zara, (sale) so sadly no longer available, however there are lots and lots available on websites such as ASOS that look familiar.

What do you think to this outfit?
Would you wear it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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  1. When I got the feed from Bloglovin (cause I follow you :) I loved to see the word Ireland in it... I live part of the month in Dublin and partly in England... and now I will stay for 6 months somewhere else, so I simply loved to see your pictures... missing Dublin so much :( Thank you for the beautiful pictures, you look stylish, fabulous! Trips are tricky, cause we want to look good and need to be comfy at the same time! But you managed it so well!

  2. Firstly, oh my word aren't Royal Blood amazing live? We saw them at Leeds Fest last year & super excited that they are playing again this year!
    I love the whole super casual but chic look going on here too! The "Paris is always a good idea" slogan dress is pretty awesome too.
    Bee xxx

  3. Beautiful Photos Hannah! :) Hope you liked Dublin! XX.

  4. you look great. hope you had fun!

  5. Interesting that Karen Millen not available, my hubby bought one for me about couple of years ago, I also love your Designer Handbags, looks cute. I find some really good deals on Designer Handbags here...