Can double denim work? The answer is yes. I'm surprised myself at that answer, as I would have normally shy away at the even the thought of it. Surely I could never pull it off? It wouldn't suit me. It couldn't....But I was suitably proved wrong as I paired these pieces together, when the denim is a slightly off colour to the other, and if it has a different texture (e.g. ripped) it can work. I have always loved denim, it's just something that never really goes away in the fashion world, it always re-appears in one form or another, whether it's at a catwalk show or on the streets. I just never really thought of putting both together before.....

As I previously mentioned in my last post, it is my last week in Newcastle, so today I went exploring around the student area of Sandyford, where you can find beautiful graffiti artwork such as this. 

My fitted denim jacket is vintage, and super old! I believe it's from a brand called 'Chippie' and I got it about 10 years ago in Holland. Crazy how time flies! But to me, it still looks the part. When the whole denim phase came back, I dug this out of my wardrobe and it looks as good as new and fits the trend perfectly. I love revitalizing old and loved items of clothing, a staple like this is always needed in your collection.

My shoes are the classic high-top all-star Converse, (see here) I can never ever grow tired of these beauties, they're my absolute favourites all year round. I feel like they go really well with the double denim look too; as they're keeping to the casual off-duty look, as well as adding that dash of white to break up from the washed out blue of the denim. 

My ripped light-wash denim jeans are the ultimate go-to for those days that you don't want to show off your legs in S/S season.  These are from River Island(the best high-street retailer for jeans may I just add) they fit perfectly to my body shape, without showing the lumps and bumps in some materials you can now find in jeans. You can see similar to these jeans here and here.

Obviously taking everything so seriously! hehe, my silver hoops are from Primark, for just £1! You can never go wrong with a cheeky purchase from there.

The nautical stripes off the top adds that something a little bit extra to the outfit, making it look different against all the denim. It has the slogan 'Paris is always a good idea' (I wish), and it makes the whole look come together, look really cool and relaxed. It is from River Island, and it is actually supposed to be over-sized, but I preferred it at a shorter length so I just simply tucked it in. It doesn't seem to be on the website anymore, but I did manage to find it here and here.

*Big credit to my friend Holly for taking these, you can check out her blog here!*

What do you think to the 'Double Denim' look?
Would you wear it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo




  1. You look great! I was actually contemplating today what I could pair together in my wardrobe for double denim - I don't know if I'm daring enough though!

    Meg ♡

    1. Thank you! you should definitely branch out and try it! x

  2. I think you look great, I love the top you paired it with. it looks so cool! - Tasha

  3. You are absolutely slaying the double denim look. Without a doubt.
    I'd look ridiculous in it, but you have this real cool edge about you that just makes it work, ya know!
    Bee xxx

    1. awh thanks girl! that's so nice of you :)

  4. Your look is very cool!

  5. I've never worn double denim myself, but you pull it off really well! x


  6. Looks great! Love how relaxed it looks and the background looks really cool - the photos look fab!xxx