Dressing in high-end clothing for special occasions doesn't need to be scary. When I was asked to take a look at the dresses section from the Ralph Lauren website, I was actually taken back as to how nice they genuinely were. I'm not going to lie, I don't normally tend to look at designer products, but I was pleasantly surprised. The dresses were all well structured, had great colour schemes and I already pictured in my head as to what event I could wear each one to. So, I figured why not write about it?
In this post, I've combined some of my favourite dresses from designer Ralph Lauren into 3 key looks, 'Monochrome Wedding', 'Garden Party' and 'Summer in the City'....

The first look is all about 'Monochrome Wedding', although it can also be featured in any other event of your choice, this just happened to be my style for a particular event. I actually have my cousins wedding in November, and I genuinely love this particular dress (see here). I know what they say, "you can't wear white to a wedding, it's not cool on the bride." But the black floral detailing that falls through to the pleats of the structured skirt tone it down and makes it more 'guest-like'.  I styled it with their cream bomber jacket (see here) just to make it look a little more casual and to keep you warm when it gets a little chilly. To keep with the monochrome scheme, pair the dress with these simple black, suede court heels, (see here).

As it's all about dressing for the occasion, second look is all about those days in the Spring/Summer days spent outside, relaxing with friends over a picnic or going to a 'Garden Party'. To tie in with the 'go outside theme', the pretty floral pattern of this sleeveless dress (see here) reflects the environment. It looks understated yet stylish, a perfect blend of formal and informal to such an event. To fit in with changes of weather (like the last look) I styled the outfit with a slightly over-sized denim jacket, to give off that effortless vibe (see here). To go alongside this, I also teamed the dress with the silver holographic flats, which are extremely on trend at the minute. It's not very practical to walk along the grass with heels? Imagine! You can check out these beautiful flats here.

Who says you can't dress up in a off-duty way when it's 'Summer in the City'? My last styled look is all about staying cool in the summer, with a stylish and laid back feel. This baby-doll dress (see here) most certainly caught my eye; it's minimal and breezy for the upcoming season. Paired with a sleeveless trench (see here) and a tasseled bag (see here) this outfit will become your go-to for that 'everyday occasion'. It is definitely an investment piece to have in your wardrobe, to see you through those rushed, on-the-go days.

What do you think to this style post?
Would you wear any of these items?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo

**all opinions and images created from Photoshop are my own**