Today marks an exciting occasion for all fashion lovers out there, as shoe empire Deichmann have recently launched it's latest collection with renowned blogger & model Hanneli Mustaparta. A fashion blogger releasing a whole variety of shoes you say? That already has my seal of approval! From glittery court heels to comfortable loafers, Hanneli's range leaves your feet looking trendy, and your bank account feeling satisfied....

You can see the shoes I have below in video form...

These are the ankle boots from the collection, available here for just £24.99 (see here) - a definite must-have classic in your wardrobe this A/W season. I found them super easy  to wear, and a dream to style. The brilliant thing about these boots is that they practically go with any outfit, so they're also a wise investment too. Thumbs up to you Hanneli!

The 10 piece collection (see here) has covered all the stops for your fashion must haves when the days get colder, to suit every taste and looks. There's feminine styles, as well as heavy androgynous shoes, that are sure to go down a treat among many diverse people.

My sleeveless grey, waterfall trench is from River Island.

The black lace up dress is from Topshop, similar here and here.

Leather backpack is Urban Outfitters.

I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable these actually boots are, particularly as I seem to have a fear of walking in anything that has even a remote heel. These ones are 6.3cm in height, yet literally feel like you're walking on a bed of memory foam! They feature both zips at the side, and a biker-esque detailing at the top which makes them look both edgy and cool...

You know what they say, when a girl puts on a pair of heels she can conquer the world... -
these boots included!

What do you think to how I styled the shoes / to the Hanneli Mustaparta collecton?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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  1. Ahh this is so soo gorgeous!! I LOVE that collocation so much, and the shoes look srsly amazing with it!!

    Lynda | DylanQueen

  2. I did Fashion Communication at Northumbria too and those streets look very familiar! Definitely makes me miss uni and Jesmond life. Lovely blog too x