I have always loved being by the sea, no matter where it is in the world. I have travelled many places in my lifetime (and I'm not even 21 yet!) but to me, nothing beats a good old British seaside town. This, is where Scarborough comes in. I have been coming here ever since I can remember, and it's always been a firm favourite of mine. So, when I recently came back here, I thought I would document it, as it probably was one of my favourite days this Summer.....

Of course, I had to hit the beach straight away! Yes, the murky looking sea-water isn't as glamorous as the crystal clear ones in the Bora Bora. And yes, there are those people ruining those all important 'looking into the distance and pretend to be in deep thought' shots - I'm not really selling it here am I?

But, It's England! It wouldn't be the same without the hoards of bustling people, itching to get a bit of sand and sea. I wore quite a relaxed outfit for such a day - a casual white beachy shirt, (River Island - see here) and old ripped boyfriend jeans (also from River Island but no longer available).

After playing around on the beach for a while, we built up an appetite. I'm not ashamed to say we demolished this Icecream / waffle mixed beast. Harbour Bar, you are one of a kind!

Had to stop for a quick slush - who doesn't love these?! I'm a child at heart really.

Stopped for a few instagram pictures!

The North Beach....

Then we headed to Peasholm Park to do a spot of rowing! I felt very much like Bridget Jones being rowed around! You know the scene I'm talking about....

I did give it a try.....

But quite quickly gave up!

and just admired the views....

That was my day off!
Have you ever been to Scarborough?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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  1. I love Scarborough! Even though the looking into the distance picture would be cool, I love to see all the people enjoying the good ol' British summer time! It is great to see, after the awful and damaging one we had a few years a go! I love Scarborough in winter too, so great! Excellent pictures here! :)