Hi guys! I'm back - finally - with a fashion post. This winter, khaki and leather have been huge, and I just love styling them. Pretty much anyone can pull off this look, it's easy to wear and perfect for on the go. This was literally just a quick outfit for Uni the other day, which was simple and affordable - yet super on trend.


Quick update. So, it's been about November time since I last posted. This has NEVER happened before. The latest I would leave my blog untouched would probably be about 2 weeks, so I didn't expect this to happen. People would message me and companies would spam up my inbox. I felt like I dropped off the social media map. I have been blogging and making videos since 2011/2012, and since then, seen those shot to 'stardom' in that time. But I never wanted that, I just wanted to do something that made me happy. Towards the end of last year, I felt far too pressured. To look good, to wear the trendiest clothes, to constantly post filtered photos and send out a systematic tweet every 20 minutes. When in reality, (real talk) I just wanted to watch Netflix in my PJs. Then, University came in and hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to write my dissertation and create a huge magazine within the space of a month, so I literally had no time whatsoever to do anything, let alone spare a minute for my beloved blog. So for that, I just feel the need to be honest and say - I'm sorry - life happened.

My New Year's resolution is to get this blog back up again, but without making myself feel ill and stressed out. This is my final year at University, and beyond graduating I have the rest of time to focus on this - I don't intend to stop anytime soon. Watch this space.

With lots of love,

Hannah xoxo


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