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Hi guys! I'm back with a super quick post, as this past week and a half has been so busy for me, mainly because I've had a week-long celebration, with finally turning 21! I have been very lucky with what I've got, I'm thinking of maybe doing a video for my YouTube channel - still deciding on that one. But today, I wanted to share with you guys what I wore on my birthday party, all really affordable, and I felt completely transformed from the scruffy hair bun and PJ's I had on just a mere few hours before!

I must not only be the one to just love the 'getting ready' part? I probably started way too early, but when that contouring needs perfecting, time is of the essence! I opted for quite natural makeup, using a Mac eye-shadow palette, HD brows and Urban Decay Naked Foundation. Not forgetting my all-time favourites for that party look, the Ardell eyelashes in 117. 

I did buy an all-out glitzy sequin dress from Depop, but unfortunately didn't receive it (nightmare!) so last minute frantic shopping lead to me purchasing this beautiful mini sequin linen skirt from River Island, which I paired with a simple black tee from Zara. The skirt is £45, which is edging towards the pricey end for high-street, but totally worth it! It feels so heavy and looks like its all been immaculately put together with each and every embellished sequin.

My hair was transformed and saved with these Clip-hair extensions in Blonde /Brown mix. The great thing about clip-hair, is that they offer so much variety and choice. I had recently gone off wearing hair extensions, as my light (ok maybe slightly peroxide) blonde hair has faded hugely, looking more dark blonde and natural - so I was a little worried that I wouldn't find the perfect match. Luckily, Clip-hair had plenty of colour ranges, and even videos that I could watch to fully get a picture of what to get. I've also curled these, and they still feel and look super thick and voluminous!

What do you guys think to my 21st outfit?
Would you wear something like this?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo

*The hair extensions were kindly gifted, however my opinion is 100% honest*


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  1. Love this outfit, you look beautiful!! I love River Island, so definitely need to get myself to the shop to see what they have atm!!
    Oh and hope you had a lovely 21st!!