Hey guys! The other week I took advantage of Newcastle's NE1 Resturant Week, so I visited Fat Hippo Underground, which is a Burger restaurant located in the city centre (there's also one tucked away in Jesmond). This place has long been on a bucket-list of must visit food places in Newcastle, and it has certainly lived up to expectations. Although there was some bumps in the road to my dining experience, the food spoke for itself....

The place itself has that New York-feel, with exposed brick and black-painted pillars - it all looked very rustic, and fitted well to the 'underground-burger' theme. All the chairs were slightly different to one another, making it look messy yet relaxed, and basically a place for anyone to enjoy food in a dim-lighting setting.

 The menu? speaks for itself, from candy bacon burgers to classic American, there's loads to choose from....

I took these images just before the restaurant got hugely crowded and busy, it's massively popular amongst students and other city residents in Newcastle.The one downside is that we waited over an hour, before the waited realized that the other waiter had forgotten our order entirely. Not impressive! However they did give us free drinks on the house, so can't really complain too much.

Here's mine! I ordered the American. It was sloppy, saucy, and juicy. In other words, absolutely delicious. The best burger I have ever had was at Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds, but this was definitely a close second. 

Have you ever been to Fat Hippo?
Any other burger joints that are great?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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