I did it. I can finally say that I have officially completed 3 years of hard work at Northumbria University. It is definitely a strange feeling once you hand in that last assignment, and walk out of the building you've become to know so very well. Strangely, I felt a weird mix of emotions - not ecstatic happiness, nor deep-hitting sadness either. I felt old, yet not exactly an adult either. I felt scared entering the real world, but ready to take on a new chapter....

Many people have asked me, 'how do you feel?!' or 'what are you going to do now?!" right now, I'm going to have a full day of watching Netflix and eating my weight in chocolate. Not guilty. Final year is definitely the nightmares what the third years speak of when you're just a fresher, and you think nothing of it. Until dissertations and mad deadlines hit you like a tonne of bricks, you're wishing your back in first year nursing a rotten hangover from the night before. But after putting on weight, having permanent bags under my eyes, I made it through! 

My *I've finished University! Smug Face*

Final year is about dressing comfortably and not really caring what others think. I swapped my heeled boots and pretty lace up flats for these bad boys, they saw me through plenty all-nighters... (Nike, £80)

Mac - River Island (old season - £75)
Top - River Island (see here)
Jeans - River Island (see here)

When you finish, treat yourself! It's certainly what I did....

At the end of the day when you've finally made it through like me, I believe it's right to think it's your life. Don't uphold expectations immediately securing a job, get a retail job save up and travel, or splurge it on an new car! be reckless, be twenty-something, be you. 

How do you feel / did feel about finishing University?
Or do you still have it all to come?!
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo




  1. I am so happy for you ! Congrats , I have just finished college as well and just like you it hasn't sunken in. As of now I am searching for a better job because I cant wait around. But I definitely want to splurge.

  2. Congratulations!! I graduated almost a year ago (aaaah!!!) and I remember the feeling - happiness and relief but also stress and trepidation about where to go next. Just embrace it, you have a lot to celebrate and who knows where you will end up :) best of luck. Molly x