Hi Guys! I'm back with my first post of 2017 - and it's of course, a fashion post, with what I wore on New Years Eve! Apologies for the image quality, as these were taken on my iPhone 6s, without my bulky DSLR to hand! Pretty much all of these items I picked up in the sale, but are still readily available online or in-stores. I decided to go for an 'Angelina Jolie' vibe with the slit cut leg and skimmed material - something which doesn't take too kindly to my body shape, but hey, I decided to just go with it! One of my resolutions is to be more confident and comfortable with the way that I look....

Gold metallic dress - River Island - I paid £17 down from £35, but now it's just £10!
Black Fur Coat - Dorothy Perkins - £40 down from £59 - Couldn't find this DP one online, but managed to find very similar on ASOS here.
Statement Necklace - New Look Premium - £5 down from £10 - Couldn't find the exact one online, but I found similar here and here. 
Clutch Bag - TkMaxx (In-store)
Black heels - New Look - Old Season

I hope you all had a lovely New Years, and a brilliant 2017!

What did you get up to?
Any thoughts on this styled outfit?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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  1. Love the sparkly dress def one I would wear xo!