It's still strange to see the year 2017 placed in the corner of my laptop calendar. How on earth has 3 years of University gone by in a flash? I'm now working full-time, have my own flat to move into, and have a First Class Honours degree hung up proudly in my parents home. I feel like I've achieved a lot this year, even through all the highs and the very deep lows. So, I wanted to reflect on the year that probably shaped me the most as a person....

2016 started at full pace, with my University dissertation hand in, final major project proposal and applying for full time jobs beyond University had begun. It was a pretty stressful time, only momentarily calmed by my 21st Birthday in February (which I admit, was a pretty amazing party!). Without my friends, family and boyfriend by my side, I would have probably had a nervous breakdown with the amount of pressure I was under. I was working 8-16 hours a week in retail, going to Uni, coming home and doing uni work, eating, sleeping and repeat. It was, what seemed, an endless cycle of doom and gloom. I can't count the amount of times I cried and said 'I can't do this'. My university lecturers even predicted that I might not even scrape a 2:1. This motivated me to prove them wrong.

By time May had come around, my blog was not up to scratch as it normally was, my views were down and so was my confidence at this point. I only made it worse by fuelling my feelings regrettably with lots of food. This in turn, made be put on body-weight, I started to wear baggy clothing and hardly left the house. I wasn't this person. Normally, I'm a happy bubbly girl, and I didn't recognise myself. So, my boyfriend and I decided to book a holiday to Greece as a post-finishing-uni treat. It worked. Temporarily. 

I got offered a job in Manchester as a Sales Administrator with a fashion brand (I won't mention which one) but it made me absolutely miserable. It wasn't creative, I was travelling long hours, and the people there was just as miserable or rude to me. I left just after a month, having feeling like I was failure, coming out of Uni with no prospect of a job and feeling like I'd let everyone down. This made me hit rock bottom, I felt depressed and like I was stuck in a deep dark hole. I found myself snapping at the people I loved the most, even though they were only trying to help. Who was this person I was turning into?

In June, I went to my graduation and accepted my First Class Honours degree. At the time, I was working in Manchester, so I wasn't as happy as I should have been (which I really should have been!). Autumn swiftly came, and I was working at a dead-end retail job, applying for 100+ jobs a day. It was really tough.

Then, one day, it all changed. I was coming out of my part-time job after a stressful shift, and I had a phone call that made me really, truly, honestly, smile. I was offered the Digital Marketing Executive role at ghd, and I just wanted to sing and dance like a loon in the street, and for the first time, I felt weightless. Someone had finally given a struggling graduate a chance. After that, everything else fell into place. I truly believe that once one door closes, two more open.

I feel like having gone through such a demanding and tough year, it has made me a stronger person, and more resilient to pushing back to any set-backs.
So thank you 2016, but I'm also glad you're gone!

How was you 2016?
Are you glad to see the back of it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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  1. I'm going through the same thing now. I graduated in fashion and textile management in May and I'm working a retail job applying to marketing jobs and it really is discouraging. Hopefully my door will open soon!