Leeds, UK

Let's talk about loafers. Backless loafers - otherwise known as slippers! ;) I wanted to set myself a challenge this week - I wanted to purchase something a little bit different, something on trend, and something totally out of my comfort zone. Personally, I love loafers. They're brilliant to wear casually or formally, but there are so many different types out there. Especially when it comes to backless ones. I was always too afraid to wear them or how to style these certain loafers. However, they have become the go-to piece after Gucci's domination of the backless loafer. It wasn't until shopping 'fate' struck when I spotted a pair of beautiful black faux croc effect, floral embroidered, dupe loafers in River Island.  When I saw them hanging seductively in their lucratively designed window display, I knew I had to take them home with me, and style them up.....

I decided to go for a casual look with these backless River Island loafers, as it's something that you can wear on a weekend or a day you've got booked off work. Especially with Spring trying (really trying) to make an appearance, I'm starting to look for out for 'lighter' clothing and footwear. These loafers with this outfit, are a perfect option for that.

Plain white T-shirt - Primark - £2

Sunglasses - Zara - £17.99
Pearl Choker - Primark - £2.50

Ripped Jeans - Primark - £15

Here's a more detailed close-up shot of the backless loafers. I'm obsessed with the on-trend floral embroidered design, along with the added gold metallic band that makes it look a little more 'up-market'. For the high-street price of just £30, they're cheap enough, super comfortable and stylish. They certainly tick all my boxes.

Mini messenger bag - Primark - £5

Taupe Suede Biker Jacket - Primark - £22

What do you think to this outfit?
Would you wear it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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  1. These loafers are so cute, and I love the way you've styled them with the ripped jeans!

    Mini Adventures

  2. You've styled them brilliantly! They look gorgeous!xx

    Lucy x |

  3. Love your style so much, gorgeous photos! <3
    Chloe xx

  4. Yes love this babe! You have styled them so well! xxx

    Lauren Rose:

  5. You styled them nicely and I love your jacket!

  6. If you have thick ankles do not wear flimsy, strappy heels. Avoid ankle straps which cut across the ankle. Stay away from ballerina -style shoes as well, as they make your ankles appear thicker than they actually are.