We all want to look good and make that effort for that special someone. Whether it's jazzing up your hair routine, polishing off your shoes or buying a new tube of mascara to bat them eyelashes with! Take me for example, I love fashion. I'm obsessed with buying the latest trend, but that just sometimes isn't feasible with my bank account. I'm sure that's the same situation for many, so, I after I spotted this (see here) gorgeous Zara jacket, I set myself on a hunt to find something that could match up to it, without the hefty price-tag, to look good for not only Valentines Day, but for any dates....

Let me introduce the Zara jacket dupe, from none other than Primark! Yeah, you read that correctly. Affordable brand, loved by many, but sometimes overlooked - I spotted this beauty for just £23. A massive difference, compared to Zara's prices. I also recently picked up these Chelsea Boots from New Look (they look a little dirty as it had just been raining - nightmare!) but they're that perfect staple to go with pretty much any outfit. You can see those boots here, that are now on sale! At just £13.99.

I also recently bought this gorgeous black lace dress dress in the January Sales, from none other than Monsoon. I really like this number, as you can pair it with tights and boots as I have done here, to make it look a bit more casual, or you can go bare leg and stick on some heels, to glam it up. This dress was £99, and is now reduced to just £19 (see here). A massive bargain, and a perfect low-key but smart style for Valentines Day.

I'm also not keen on having my arms out, so I really like the shell lace edging on the shoulders, that just covers up the right amount. The dress also features a pretty lace-up bow on the front, which just adds a little something extra to the whole look. The best part? The waistband design. This sucks you in, makes your sides look more accentuated, a win for me!

After my poor boyfriend doing all that shooting, we went for some milkshakes!

What do you think to this Suede Jacket dupe?
Would you wear it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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