I've always been a massive fan of PLL since its early beginnings on MTV - me and my sister would rush home from school / college and eagerly await for it to start. Unless dad had turned Sky off which had MTV (then there would be mega fuss kicking off from then teenage me haha!). One thing that has always been consistent is the characters trendy style - I've always wanted to replicate one of their outfits. So, to celebrate it returning (and ending, sad face!) I decided to copy Aria's look from the new series and pretend I was in my very own version of Rosewood....

I wanted to replicate Aria's look the best I could, and luckily the high-street shops actually had something I could work with. As soon as I spotted this gorgeous light-knit with the black pussy bow tie from Zara (£17.99) I was instantly reminded of her outfit from the promo images that were recently released. All I had to do now, was find the perfect powder blue mini skirt with a dash of detailing....

That's where River Island saves the day. Although Aria's (Lucy Hale) skirt was of a crotchet material, the best that I could find was this pretty leather laser-effect mini skirt, for £35. It does the trick and neatly pulls off the entire look to mirror the PLL character.

I even factored in the chained bag! This little bag has been a strong favourite of mine for a while now, from Mango.

What do you think to this Aria PLL inspired outfit?
Would you wear any of it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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  1. Loved this outfit! I'm too excited to watch the new episodes! :)