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The revival of the 'fluffy bag' is one that surprised me - from lusting after a bubblegum pink miniature as a pre-teen in the local Claire's Accessories, to being in my early twenties, seeing strong clueless '90s vibes plastered everywhere on the high-street. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love experimenting with my style to see if it looks good, but also if it works functionality wise. In that sense, I'm ashamed to say that I do think like an adult now (ignorance is bliss until you start paying for council tax and other grown up nonsense). Where was I? Ah, the fluffy bag. It's beautiful, but risky. Risky to take on a night out without getting a classy vodka lemonade sticking to it kind of business - even for me. I like to invest in staple pieces, but for once, I was swayed by this particular pale blue/grey cloud of delight....

                                                                     Say hello, to the 

FAYE Marabou Cross Body Bag

I know what I said, stickiness, bank accounts, all that not-so-whimsical stuff. But at the end of the day? I'm only 22! It's perfectly fine to treat yo' self to new pretty sparkling things of joy - even if they seem outrageous statement pieces, from embellished cinderella-esque shoes to fluffy bags. This particular one that I spotted is from Topshop for around £40, steep, but worth the pennies as it acts as a strong statement piece all on its own - the bag does the talking with this outfit. 

White blazer - H&M (old season)

Black skinny jeans - River Island (Molly Range)

Diamante choker - New Look

Embellished denim heels - River Island

What do you think to the fluffy bag comeback?
Would you wear this outfit?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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