Over the years I've become adjusted to different challenges and obstacles, within social circles, work life and even blogging. It's very difficult to not be defined by your life choices, to let go of undeserving people and move on to new and better things. I wanted to share with you my experiences, see if it helps in any way and ultimately, know that nobody's perfect. 
These are 22 things I've learnt, in 22 years...

1) Learn to let go. Some people in your life come and go - even those who you thought would be in your life forever. When I was in my teens I figured I'd have heaps of friends around, and now I can count those closest to me on one hand. It's always best to have 5 good friends, than 50 fake ones.

2) Work hard, play harder. Ok so this is one I've only come to realise as of late. I was always a goodie two-shoes at school, with 100% attendance (geeky I know) and average grades. The reality? I was depressed. I didn't enjoy school, I thought of it as a chore. It was only until I reached about 17 and discovered the world of blogging, I implemented it into my Photography & Media A levels and achieved the highest grades I thought possible. What I'm trying to say, is that you should enjoy other hobbies or activities outside of work and school. 

3) Graduating? Finishing College? Don't take the first offer. I can't stress this enough. I was panicking so much when I graduated, I just took the first job offer that came to me as it was so difficult to get employment, even though I had a first class honours degree and experience. But I HATED my first job, It was basically inputting data into a system - definitely not the marketing career I aspired after. I lasted about a month until I quit to find something better - this is definitely scary but always worth doing for your own peace of mind. 

4) Make mistakes. They're life lessons. I'm a firm believer in making mistakes, and not seeing them as that, but rather life lessons. For example, accidentally forgetting to pay your phone bill one month or knowing when to hold your tongue in certain social conversations. It will make you a better person learning from these lessons. 

5) Be independent, don't compare yourself. Now I'm still working on this myself, but it's one of my little 'life goals' to stop constantly comparing myself to others, that I don't look a certain way or that I'm not talented at something that someone else is. Look at your own qualities and build upon them, that's how you succeed.

6) It's good to be alone sometimes. I love to be around other people, but I also love my own personal space. There's just something great about making time for yourself and watching your fav show on Netflix with a glass of wine in hand.

7) Look after your body. I definitely binged all throughout sixth form & most of Uni, I didn't realise I really needed to start taking care of myself and how important it is. Until suddenly one day, spots started appearing on my face and my jeans were definitely a lot tighter than they were before. When you start to notice these things, join a gym or eat that little bit healthier. I still absolutely love my chocolate, but I've tried cutting it down now to just the weekends. 

8) Never promise when you're happy and say cruel things when you're sad. Try to live by this rule - it will help you in the long run, trust me. 

9) It's ok to not be okay. There's always been such a huge stigma around anxiety and depression. I used to (and sometimes still do) have bad social anxiety, I force myself to go to blog events to get rid of it, even just for an evening. But the fact is? It's okay not to be okay. You don't have to feel all chirpy and happy 100% of the time - in fact, it's totally natural. 

10) Know your worth. This kind of links to the whole job matter I mentioned earlier, but it also ties in to the world of blogging. PR's will try and sponge to get free links, or not even mention your name in an email - lack of personal response really bugs me! Just politely decline or delete the email.

11) Boys will hurt you. I've been in a few long term relationships, and most of them I've been really hurt by. Not physically, just emotionally and mentally. My lesson here would be to walk away when you know it's right to. Never let someone cheat on you multiple times or call you mean things. You don't need that in your life. 

12) Budget, budget, budget. If there's one thing that University has taught me, is how to successfully live off a very tight budget. These days I'm working full-time, so I have more disposable income. But it's always worth knowing the value of money and not to go too crazy with it (trust me, that designer handbag is NOT worth not eating for 2 weeks)

13) Don't be afraid to follow your passions. A clear example for me here is when I first dipped my toe into blogging at 17, I'll be honest. In 2012, it wasn't a big thing - nobody really did it. If you did, people at sixth form would look at you like you weird, or 'loved yourself' for photographing your outfit of the day. Learn to push all that rubbish to side, and focus on what your passion is. 

14) You don't have constantly drink because you've turned 18.  Now, I don't know if this is still the same now, but when I was 18 (getting on a while ago now!) there was such a huge thing about going out drinking ALL THE TIME when you turned 18. In reality? It's costly, isn't good for your health and ultimately it's not worth it. Don't succumb to peer pressure. 

15) Don't ever argue with someone digitally. Yep, I'm talking text, email, facebook IM, snapchat and all the rest of it. If you really can't see them in person, call them up or Skype them. I definitely find that things can come across so much differently in terms of tone when you're reading a message, compared to someone who's actually saying it. 

16) Cherish family, life is short. This is a major point that has to be on the list. Always cherish your family members, and try to always say 'love you' when you're hanging up the phone. Life is really too short, and you never know what's round the corner. 

17) Everything won't plan out the way you think. When I was younger, I thought I would be a in a high flying career, with my own dog and fiancee by time I turned 23/24. That's only a couple of years away now, and I definitely don't see that happening anytime soon. Try not to plan out your future too much, what's meant to happen, will happen. 

18) Travel, go everywhere you can! I'm lucky enough to have travelled many countries growing up, I lived in Italy, the Netherlands and Australia through my childhood years, and they definitely opened up my mind and I grew more mature because of it. Try to travel, it will change you, in a good way. 

19) Experiment with your look. Don't be scared of trying something new! If you're happy the way you are that's totally fine too! For example, I've always been a blondie, but lately I've added in darker colours and I might even try Pink! I also never ever thought I would get a tattoo - but when I spontaneously did I ended up loving it! It's always great to experiment because you never know if it will stick.

20) Education doesn't mean everything. As I mentioned before, I was always a bit nerdy at school, I didn't actually achieve high grades until University funnily enough. But even though I managed to achieve a first class honours degree, most companies don't actually care or look at what grade you have. All that matters is the pass and experience that you gather. 

21) When one door closes, two more open. When I've had a bad week or a spout of bad luck lately, I always try to think of this saying - because it's true. Whenever something bad happens, usually a few good things happen to replace it. It sounds crazy, but it always makes me feel better. 

22) Always choose happy. What makes you happy. Get that chocolate bar from the corner shop, go buy that expensive leather jacket, even if it might dip into your savings. Life is short, and every now and again we should always try to treat ourselves. 

What have you learned growing up?
Have any of these points helped?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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  1. Love these photos and I love that you have done some self reflection, its always good to reflect. xo!

  2. I really loved reading this! I'm 22 aswell, and can definitely relate to most of these. Keep going girl, you're doing amazingly well x

    Abi | Abistreetx