My style is constantly evolving, whether that be due to my expanding waistline or ever impeding age. I never thought I would dip my toe into the trendy abyss of palazzo trousers and '70s bell-sleeves. Nor did I think I would find myself lusting after beetlejuice fashion in the form of an M&S midi skirt. But here I am! Strutting the cobbled streets of Yorkshire market town Knaresborough, on a sunny Sunday afternoon....

After having a lazy morning and suddenly realising that there was only one train an hour on a Sunday, we practically dashed to Leeds train station. Only to sit on a rickety, noisy (almost achey) Northern rail carriage for 50 minutes. But hey, it was worth the journey. I grew up in the countryside with rolling fields and cute farmers' sheep, so it was nice to escape the city for a day. 

We wondered around aimlessly for a good few hours in the crowds of people (the amount of effort it took to try get a few shots was unbelievable!), taking in the pretty cottages on the waterfront and watching the locals proudly shout that their tiny cafe had the Ice-cream in town. 

It was actually a beautifully sunny day, the kind where you wish you left your jacket at home. But It's England, we can never be too careful right?! I'm so glad I chose to wear this well orchestrated outfit, it was breezy, easy and trendy. The striped midi skirt is from M&S at around £29.50, which I believe is an absolutely brilliant price for the quality of the material and the way it stayed structured without ballooning out too much. 

The tie waist was definitely a winner factor for me, it pinched me in and just fitted really well. 

I think one of my favourite factors about this skirt is the side pockets, I love it! It's so rare to find and it just adds that little bit of convenience to the look. Y'know? I'm talking about popping your phone in there or that £5 note for the ice-cream van whirling down the road.

My other favourite part of this look is the Topshop Leonardo t-shirt, which is actually part of a concession brand called 'Tee & Cake' - now, I do love me a bit of Leonardo DiCaprio, so why not get a t-shirt that honours the man himself? This top was around £18 - but the fabric was so lovely and soft too, which is a bonus!

I finished the outfit with my new trusty white Guess trainers (see my last post all about them and how to get them for less than £30 here) along with a vintage denim jacket, and old season black Zara tote bag. You can never go wrong with the staples!

What do you think to this Summery outfit?
Do you like the M&S striped midi skirt?
Would you wear it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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  1. That skirt is so cool!! You look great!


    Seize your Style

  2. I loved that outfit, it's definitely good to have style that is always evolving :) x


  3. I love this outfit to pieces you look amazing xo!