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When you get an email asking to try out some Italian food, you don't turn it down. Especially when it's a home-grown Leeds chef Marco Pierre. I was really excited to attend the low-key blogger evening at the Marco Pierre New York Italian restaurant in Leeds last week, which consisted of sampling the menu. Located just off Merrion centre, it was tucked away attached to the Ibis hotel. First thoughts? A little odd choice of area - bargain shops and multi-storey carpark doesn't exactly shout luxury celeb-chef elegance, compared to the rival likes of Gino Di Campo's recently opened franchise and Jamie Oliver's chain sitting down on up-town Park Row. However, I was pleasantly surprised as I stepped through the frosted doors...

Upon arriving, we were immediately greeted and seated next to other local bloggers, all excited to try out the Italian cuisine and sample the tasty cocktails...

Here I am, shaking up my very own cocktail! It's actually way harder than it looks, and the lovely staff member was on hand to help. Who knew that you had to tap the glass in a certain way to explode flavour? For starters we were all treated to some simple margarita pizza and garlic breads, which were delightfully crispy and easy to start off with... 

After a while of cocktail-making fun, we were taken through to the dining area of the restaurant, which had a very dark boudoir kind of feel, with images of Marco Pierre himself plastered on the walls. We did get to try a variety of foods from the menu which was great, from salads to trio dish of Pasta, crab cakes and refreshing bruschetta. From growing up in Italy for 8 years myself as some of you may know, I'm very picky when it comes to Italian food. In my honest opinion? It was okay. 5/10 kind of okay. I have had better Italian food from other chains, but it was good tasting food. My favourite had to be the chocolate cake dessert...

The one thing I would say that would be good for this restaurant to improve upon (judging on Google reviews and obviously first hand) is that the service could do with a slight improvement. We had to wait 15 minutes just for a jug of tap water to come to the table when we asked, as there was nothing to drink on the table after sampling the food. A really minor thing I know, but just little things like that could be potentially improved upon as constructive criticism. Overall though, my experience was pleasant and the Marco Pierre New York Italian restaurant has it's strengths, with a good atmosphere and glass of wine, it's almost like you're visiting Rome from Leeds.

Have you ever been to the Marco Pierre resturant? 
What are your thoughts?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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