Hello lovelies! So this new post is going to be Christmas related. If you haven't guessed already! Halloween/Bonfire has come and gone now it's time to belt out the M Carey in the car and start gift shopping for knick knacks - this fabulous event that Viking launched really got me in the mood for the festivities to come. I absolutely love receiving & giving hand-made cards and presents, it just gives something that personal touch and you know someone's made the extra effort for you. Need to feel inspired? Check out what I got up to...

We started with block printing on to file folders, just to jazz up your office surroundings, before moving on to Christmas cracker making (which I admit, I still need more practice). From glittery paper, red ribbon and subsequent sticky PVA glued fingers, I felt like a child again!

The concentration face is real...

There was of course, lots of yummy Christmassy food out to enjoy and indulge....

I actually had to leave a little early, as I was helping my-now-ex move out of my flat (weird times) so I missed out on the calligraphy sesh and dazzling cracker-making, but I had so much fun trying out the different crafty activites that they had going on - I came away with a personalised folder and stationary kit so I could try out stuff out at home!

Thanks so much for the team at Viking for having me!

Do you love to get crafty?
What's your fav thing about Christmas?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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