I decided to pull together the ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for her, from iconic beauty tools ghd, to the affordable MAC, in the hope that it will help one of you treat a loved one this year. These carefully curated pieces are what I believe will be a hit this Christmas and would personally love myself! From different price points (always try searching for promo codes too) you can stick to your budget while delivering a smile to the person that opens your gift....

ghd contour professional crimper - for effortless texture and volume, this isn't the '80s style comeback you immediately think of; more subtle boost at the roots to create a multitude of looks...

Mac Lipstick - The ultimate fail-safe, a £15 classic lipstick you can't go wrong with, my personal favourite shade is Velvet Teddy - for perfect everyday wear. 

Jewellery - I just laid out some of my rings here for inspiration (one from H Samuel, the other from Pandora) but a girl always loves a little bit of sparkle...

ghd narrow dressing brush - This would be a great partner with the professional crimper for that uplifting volume, or just a paddle brush could always do the trick.

H&M watch - This is really one of those on a budget kind of gifts at this just retails for around £8.99, but I wear mine everyday. If you're looking for a more upscale watch, try Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors - both perfect investment pieces. 

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette - This was a cheeky gift for myself! this is in the shades 'Golden Goddess', beautiful shimmery evening colours that are perfect from date night to a girls night out. 

I hope this gift guide helps!
Do you like any of the products mentioned?
As always, let me know! 
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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