I can't quite believe that another year has come and gone. With 2018 rearing ahead, I decided to set myself some New Years resolutions (standard, I know) but these resolutions I want to take moving forward not only this year, but every year after. I personally feel like I'm still massively growing as a person - I don't even turn 23 until Feb - but all the while, every mistake I'm taking as a lesson, to let myself fall in love again and to treasure those people that stood by me in the darkest hours of 2017. These are the resolutions I want to try adhere to....

1. This one is quite specific - try not to be on my phone so much! (photo below depicts that hah!) Don't get me wrong, I'm like then next person who just aimlessly browses the social apps but especially with being a blogger, I'm almost glued to it. I feel like I need to start living life a bit more off-screen, learn to schedule posts and plan more in advance - so no more square eyes! 

2.  Let go of toxic people & don't feel bad about it. This one is a major point that I've had to try get past in 2017 - I've had to let go of friends that didn't give anything back and a boyfriend who wasn't faithful to me. It was an awfully difficult time to get through; but I do feel stronger for all the horrible heartache. I'm an incredibly loyal person, and I need to stop feeling bad for others constantly letting me down and letting them go in return. 

3. Let myself fall in love again. It's very easy to shut people off if you've been severely hurt by someone in your past - you feel like you can never glue the pieces of your heart back together ever again. That you can never trust anyone - I tell you now that crippling paranoia is terrible - but I need to accept that's not the case and not everyone is the same person. I want to get back to the care-free person I used to be, which is something I'm working on. 

4.  Work hard, play harder. I've been really lucky in 2017 to start earning for the first time from my blog, even though I've been doing it for going on 6 years now. I feel like the harder I work now, the more I can 'play' so to speak and enjoy myself - both in my day job and the blogging world. Here's to 2018 and growing my presence effectively even more. 

5. Lose a little bit of weight! Okay so I know this is pretty generic resolution, but I really want to stick with it and eat a little bit less chocolate and watch my meal portions. I don't want to completely take away junk food, but maybe just lessen it and feel more comfortable in my own skin - which is always important to feel.

6. Tackle my social anxiety. I did a post on this a little while back, admitting that I started having really bad social anxiety when meeting new people (see here where I talk about it in detail). Every day I'm working on it, and this year I want to put myself in situations that may be uncomfortable at first, but will help me return to the girl I used to be.

Do you have any New Years Resolutions? 
How was your 2017?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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  1. Best of luck with all your goals hun! I really need to stop spending so much time on my phone, it takes over my life! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x