Hello! I'm quite excited for this post, as I've realised I've never actually shown you guys what the inside of home looks like before - mainly because I felt it wasn't quite ready to show yet. I've been living in my little Leeds city centre flat for around a year now, and although it's not 100% complete I feel proud enough to reveal my living room space - with the help of Desenio! I've also got a special treat for you guys at the very end of this post - so keep your eyes peeled and (if you're on mobile) finger scrolling!

I truly fell in love with everything on Desenio's website - I'm not kidding - It took me a good few weeks to even properly decide what I wanted, because I loved everything so much! I spent ages just looking at how other people designed their own gallery walls and it was so interesting to see each print reflect that individual's personality. For me, I'm all about my fashion - that's always my big love. But I also love to travel - New York is my favourite city of all time and I would kill to go back there!

I eventually decided to go with prints that meant something to me and ties in with a monochrome/grey/pink colour scheme. Also - I personally really like mixing up different artwork formats. So for example, I went with a combination of typography, photography and illustration pieces, which when placed together work really well. These were the prints that I personally selected:

Prada Marfa Print 50x70
Bed of Flowers 50x70
Pink Perfume 21x30
New York Map 50x70
Marc Jacobs Quote 40x50
Arched Corridor 30x40
Brooklyn Bridge 21x30

They arrived in a big tube all neatly rolled up without a single crease and arrived within just a couple of days from ordering, which I was really impressed with, seeing as they state 3-7 working days to be shipped. The one thing that I would honestly say is that quality is honestly superb, you can really see the tones in the pink flowers, to the crisp clear, detailed architecture photography - I've already had friends & family saying just how beautiful they all look.

(excuse all my tv/internet wires hanging out - I need to sort it out!)

I really think that these prints have just made such a massive difference to my living space, it's added a touch of my personality and visually appealing - rather than just a plain blank canvas. Overall? Massive thumbs up to Desenio and I would definitely order from there again when I move into a bigger place and have more wall space! 

Time for the treat! For a limited time only, use the code “hannahbriggs” which gives you 25% off posters* between 13th - 15th February. I don't benefit from this, except for you guys getting a brilliant discount for some prints of your own! They've made a huge difference to my little space I call home.

*Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames.

This post is in collaboration with Desenio - opinion is 100% my own!

What do you think to these Desenio prints I chose?
Would you get anything from Desenio?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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