Last week I attended a special pre-opening event at the new Lost & Found restaurant in Leeds - I can tell you now that it was a wonderful experience. Ambient lighting, Georgian classic decor, amazing food and those dangerous kind of cocktails that taste just like fruit juice. Yeah - that's my kind of place! Here's what went down that night and what the brand new Lost & Found (Mr. Benedict Pike) at Leeds Club looks like... 

I brought along a few guests to come with me and we hit the bar for a few cheeky cocktails - which may I add, were SO good! I would definitely recommend the 'Mountain Meadow' on the menu...

I absolutely adored the interiors, who doesn't love a massive tree with fairy lights in?! It had a really cool kind of vibe, with copper elements, trendy exposed bulb lighting and plenty of seating - which is always a bonus for a bar - especially during those peak Friday/Saturday periods.

Then, we headed upstairs to the dining area, which had just the right amount of space without being too overcrowded - again with the beautiful lighting and everything else going on - it just genuinely seemed like such a warm atmosphere and the perfect place to go for an intimate first date or family meal. 

Drinking another cheeky cocktail!

For starters we all had bread & meats to share, which were divine, my dad was actually super impressed with how succulent it was too (and that says something, because it takes a lot to impress him!) After the super tasty starters I had high expectations for my main...

My dad went for the ribeye steak, which, I quote, he said "This is the best steak I've had in a long time" so it must have been good!

I personally decided to go for the Salmon Linguine, which was SO delicious, it was bursting with flavour from the pine nuts and chilli flakes but wasn't overwhelming. It was the perfect mix and I finished every last bite. With growing up in Italy, I'm a massive food critic when it comes to Italian-based food, and this lived up to my high expectations. 

One of us went for the panacotta dessert..

While myself (of course with being a massive chocoholic) went for the Millionaire's Shortbread. Chocolate Ice-cream, dark chocolate, whisky and honeycomb - food of the gods! 

They also have a private dining area, so if you decide to have a work night out meal or something similar, you can ask to book this area...

My favourite part? They have a secret bar! Available also to hire or if they get super busy they will open this up; hidden away towards the back of the venue. It's very oldy-worldy and exclusive - it's strange, I almost felt like I was teleported back in time to a different place & era - it was truly magical. 

I take my hat off to the guys at Lost & Found for this beautiful establishment! I can't wait to come back time and time again with my friends. It's a fantastic addition to Leeds and in a prime city centre spot, which I'm sure is going to be the go-to place in town.

What do you think to the new Lost & Found in Leeds?
Would you visit it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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