I decided to get my first eyelash extensions! After hearing about how amazing they were from colleagues at work, along with the thought of waking up in the morning looking fresh-faced - the idea of them had me instantly hooked. It was my first time having them done, so of course there were plenty of questions whizzing about in my head. I did my research and found that Pastille nail salon in Leeds had opened up a new sister eyelash bar, aptly named Lashed Leeds. 

Sitting high above the Leeds skyline in the Pinnacle office building, was the calming serenity of Lashed Leeds - with chiming music softy playing in the background and subtle hues of pink dashed around the room - you'd be surprised you weren't in a girl-power paradise. 

I was greeted by the lovely Abra and her gorgeous pooch Winnie! She talked me through the process and how long it would take, how long they would last and what makes them different to the other lash salons out there. They use the best quality products, and for the classic individual lashes, they use the 1:1 technique, which adds each lash from the root, giving off a truly flawless look. 

First I had my lashes throughly cleaned by the lovely Julija...

Applied the protective strips under my eyes...

...and the process of placing each individual lash on began!

It was a lengthy process for 2 hours, but it honestly didn't feel like 2 hours - the treatment went by really really quickly! I could of very easily have fallen asleep as I was that relaxed and at ease with the very capable hands of the beautician... 

Ta-dah! The final look - I was absolutely amazed, I just kept staring at them! It honestly makes such a massive difference to your face. Personally, I felt so much more confident within myself and I've actually been able to leave the house without putting any makeup on - that's saying something! No mascara is needed at all, so it saves a whole load of time too. 

They last between 2-3 weeks depending on your own lash growth and you can get infills after this period for £30-£45. For a limited time only, they have an offer on for £10 off - so you can get these stunning lashes for just £50 until April. I can't wait to get my infills done!

What do you think to the eyelashes?
Would you ever get eyelash extensions done / have you had them before?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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  1. Lovely eye lashes, it makes your eyes more beautiful and expressive.

  2. Its good to love yourself, if it makes you more confident and feel good. Then do it! Thank you for sharing!

  3. One of women's possession. It does look good though!