It's so important to make time for yourself, life can easily get in the way from everyday stresses at work, to social pressures in friendship groups and even family issues. It's genuinely hard to keep everybody in your life happy and I've come to learn that it's utterly impossible. The reality is that you will not make every single person in your circles constantly happy in life, we just don't all humanly function like that. It's ok not to be sociable all the time and go out every single weekend to show your face. It's great having time for yourself, especially when it's been a long week. You may have read one of my older posts about dealing with anxiety here, which is a great reminder why it's important to not only stay positive, but to feel absolutely ok about having that all important 'you' time and escaping those every-day factors that can make life difficult. So - pop on Netflix, have a cup of tea and let me tell you why being a hermit sometimes is ok!